Do you have questions about our WEGMANN automotive B2B Partner Shop? You can find the answers to frequently asked questions about the shop functionalities and your orders here.


How do I register?

In the online shop, you will find an icon in the shape of a person in the top right-hand corner next to the shopping basket icon. Click on it. Then click on the "Log in" button. Under the heading " I'm a customer already ", on the left of the page that opens, you will find the fields in which you can enter your e-mail address and password. Then click on "Login". If you have used the correct login data, you will then be logged into your customer account at the WEGMANN automotive B2B Partner Shop.

How can I register for an account?

To register, you can fill in the relevant form here. Please provide all requested information for a smooth process.

Who can register for an account?

Only business customers can register for the WEGMANN automotive B2B Partner Shop.

How can I change my password?

You can currently change your password using the password recovery function. To do this, enter your e-mail address here and have the link to reset your password sent to you. Follow the instructions in the e-mail and enter a new password.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password here. To do this, enter the e-mail address with which you are registered and follow the further instructions in the e-mail that you subsequently receive.

Why don't I get an e-mail when I click on "I have forgotten my password"?

In this case, please check whether your e-mail address has been entered correctly. If this is the case, please also check your spam folder to see if the mail has arrived there by mistake.


Can I order without a customer account?

It is not possible to order without a customer account.

How do quick orders work?

You can use the quick order function after logging into your account. To use the quick order function, you need a csv file to upload. This csv file must contain the information which product number you would like to order and in which quantity. Under "Extended configuration" you can therefore specify in which table column the respective information is entered. In addition, before uploading the file, you must specify which delimiter is used in your csv file. You can also specify whether your file contains a row with headlines or not. Once you have entered all the information appropriate to your file, you can assign and upload the file either by drag-and-drop or by file selection.

What is the advantage of order lists?

Especially for items that you order together again and again, you can easily create an order list and simply add the list directly to the shopping basket each time you order these items. This way you don't have to search for the products individually in the webshop and add them to the shopping basket manually one by one.

How can I create an order list?

You can use the function for order lists when you have logged into your shop account. If you click on "Create order list", you can give the new order list a name of your own. After saving, you can then edit, duplicate or delete the order list. To add products to the list, go to "Edit order list" and select the "Positions" section. Use the "Add line item" button to enter the product number and quantity in the subsequent input area. When you save these entries, the corresponding product is added to the order list. As soon as at least one product has been saved in the list, you can place all products in the shopping basket by clicking on "Add order list to cart".

What are order numbers?

Under "Order numbers" you can assign your own product number to our products manually or by means of a csv upload.

How does the ordering process work?

Click on the shopping cart icon to get an overview of the items you have added for purchase. When you have checked that you have run through all the products you need in the appropriate quantity, click on "Proceed to checkout" to initiate the ordering process. Then enter all the requested data and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. If you then click on "Submit order", you will trigger the order.

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

Due to the automatic processing of your order for dispatch, in most cases we cannot make any changes to your order afterwards.

Online Shop

Why can't I see prices for the products?

The prices for the individual items are only displayed to logged-in users. You must either log in to your account or register for an account to see the item prices.

Why am I automatically logged out after some time?

For security reasons, you will be logged out automatically after a few minutes if there is no activity during this time.


Can I collect my order myself?

It is not possible to collect orders placed via the webshop yourself. We ship all webshop orders by means of forwarding agents or shipping service providers.

What are the possible shipping costs?

You can find an overview of the transport costs per country in the table below. From a total value of over 250,00€ the delivery costs are waived for you.

Country groupShipping costs
Germany5,90 €
9,90 €
Czech republic,
Denmark, Switzerland
10,90 €
12,90 €
Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
15,90 €
Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, UK
17,90 €
Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia
22,90 €
Bulgaria, Greece, Romania
35,90 €



Dear customer

If you have cause for complaint, we will be happy to assist you with the process. To ensure that your complaint is processed quickly, please follow the procedure below, depending on the reason for the complaint.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.


  • Please send your complaint in text form to:
  • Regardless of the type of complaint, use the complaint form depending on the product group.
  • Please enter all the necessary information there.

Complaint form for weights, valves and accessories

We always need this information from you:
  • Contact details & customer number
  • Reason for complaint incl. error description
  • Delivery note number
  • Item number & quantities
  • Type of settlement (credit note or compensation)

Complaint form for sensors

We always need this information from you:
  • Contact details & customer number
  • Reason for complaint incl. error description
  • Delivery note number
  • Item number & quantities
  • Type of settlement (credit note or compensation)


For quality complaints about weights, valves and accessories we require this additional information:

  • Documentation material (photos + lot number)
  • Under what circumstances does the problem occur
  • Error percentage


The following procedure must be observed in the event of transport damage:

  1. Open transport damage
    • Please report the damage within 24 hours using the complaint form to cseu@wegmann-automotive.com.
    • Fill in the data under point 5 in the complaint form.
    • Enclose a copy of the consignment note with a note of the damage incurred and the signature of the carrier.
    • Please attach pictures of the damage.
  2. Concealed transport damage
    • Please report the damage as soon as you discover it by sending a complaint form to cseu@wegmann-automotive.com.
    • Fill in the data under point 5 in the complaint form.
    • Please attach pictures of the damage.