Balancing weights

Balancing weights in OE quality

In the area of balancing weights we carry a large assortment of adhesive weights, impact weights, safety weights, spoke weights as well as balancing powder, so that your car workshop is always supplied with the necessary products.

FAQ Balancing weights

1. Why balance a wheel?

In every tyre, old or new, there are small irregularities that throw the tyre out of balance. These differences are generally very small, but when driving, the radial force creates an imbalance. This then becomes noticeable in the driving comfort. The steering wheel or even the whole vehicle vibrates. There are two different types of unbalance: static and dynamic.

Static unbalance

Static unbalance means that the tyre moves up and down because there is a difference in weight on the bottom of the tyre compared to the top. When the tyre rolls, the forces are not distributed properly and the tyre swings up and down vertically. If the tyre rotates faster, this effect is amplified. This usually manifests itself in a vibration of the entire vehicle.

Dynamic imbalance

Dynamic imbalance occurs when there are irregularities of the tyre in the horizontal plane. For example, when the left side of the tyre is heavier than the right side. Again, the effect increases at higher speeds. This then becomes noticeable mainly through vibrations in the steering wheel.

2. What are balancing weights?

Balancing weights are weights that are mounted on a rim to compensate for the unevenness of the tyre. This imbalance is measured with a balancing machine. This machine turns the whole wheel (rim + tyre) and then measures how the forces are distributed. In the event of an imbalance, it then shows exactly how much weight needs to be applied to which part of the rim.

3. What are the different types of balancing weights?

Impact weights
A weight made of zinc, steel or lead with a preformed clamp that is hammered onto the rim flange. Especially suitable for steel rims.

Adhesive weights
A weight made of zinc, steel or lead with an adhesive strip that is simply glued to the inside of the rim. Used specifically for aluminium rims. 

Security weights / 2-piece security weights
Security weights are made of zinc, steel or plastic and must be attached with special tools. The 2-piece weight is similar to an impact weight without a clamp. The separate clamp and weight are attached to the rim flange with pliers. Unlike impact weights, there is no risk of damaging the rim and it can therefore also be used on aluminium rims.

Spoke weights
Spoke weights are designed for motorbike wheels. The weight is clamped around the spokes of the wheel with pliers. 

Balancing powder / balancing sand
Balancing powder can be used for balancing truck tyres. The powder or granules are applied to the inside of the tyre during fitting. While driving, the powder distributes freely in the tyre and accumulates in possible unevenness.

Balancing weights range

We have the best quality balancing weights for almost every type of vehicle. These wheel weights are used to correct any imbalance in the tyres and rims. All in the best quality at reasonable prices. Easy online ordering and fast delivery.

In the balancing weights section, we carry a large assortment of adhesive weights, impact weights, safety weights, spoke weights as well as balancing powder so that your car workshop is always supplied with the necessary products.

Vehicle Material Colour Rim type Grammatures
Adhesive weight
car / truck / motorcycle Lead / Steel / Zinc Blue / grey / yellow / green / orange / red / black / silver / chrome    
Steel rims,  Alloy rims  
5g - 300g   
Impact weight
car / truck / van Zinc / lead / steel Grey / Black / Silver    
Steel rims,  Alloy rims  
5g - 300g  
Balancing powder
Truck Balancing powder-
Sand colours    
Steel rims,  Alloy rims  
15g 120g 350g  
Spoke weight
Motorcycle / Scooter Zinc Silver Spokes   
5g - 20g  
Safety weight
car / van Zinc / plastic Silver / grey Steel rims, alloy rims 5g - 60g

Impact weights

Our impact weights are struck onto the rim flange to quickly and effectively eliminate dynamic imbalance. The impact weights are made of the highest quality steel, which gives you excellent durability over the entire life cycle.

They are absolutely weatherproof - moisture or salt on the road do not affect the condition of the weight in any way! An additional zinc layer protects the product from abrasion.
  • Precise casting - perfect fit on the rim
  • Maximum safety - the robust retaining spring guarantees precise mounting of the impact weight on the rim
  • Highest durability over a long life cycle
  • easy application of the weight
  • accurate weight distribution

Adhesive weights

This type of balance weights fits almost every wheel. They are ideal for most aluminium rims. Their weight and design allow precise and comfortable balancing of car wheels. They are also very good for balancing rims of vans and off-road vehicles. 
Our adhesive weights are resistant to any weather due to their robust design.

Balancing weights for cars

To ensure that the rims of your car are not scratched or damaged by attaching the balancing weights, we have the right balancing weight for every rim:

Balancing weights for aluminium rims

  • The balancing weights for aluminium rims are mostly adhesive weights to protect the rim.
  • The balancing weights are also equipped with a special powder coating.

Balancing weights for steel rims

  • The balancing weights for steel rims are mostly impact weights for PKK and small van steel wheels.
  • The impact weights for steel rims provide absolutely secure hold. 
  • Resistance to damage and chemical resistance.

Safety weights

  • By using safety weights, the least amount of mass is needed for balancing.
  • They are attached to the inner rim flange.

Balancing weights truck

In addition to balancing weights for cars, vans and motorbikes, we also offer balancing weights for trucks. But what is the origin of truck balance weights? 

Until now, normal adhesive or impact weights have always been used for trucks. But since trucks drive much more than ordinary cars, several unbalances also occur at once. That is why we have another solution for trucks in our range:

Balancing powder

Balancing powder, also called balancing sand or balancing granulate, is used for balancing truck tyres. The granulate is poured onto the inside of the tyre when it is mounted on the rail. During the journey, the powder is distributed in the tyre where there is an imbalance. This distribution effectively and accurately balances the tyre while driving. This method of balancing is particularly suitable for vehicles that drive long distances at constant speed (trucks on the motorway).

Balancing weights motorcycle

Spoke weight

For motorbikes we also offer balancing weights. These are very easy to attach to the spokes as simple plug-in weights. Spoke weights can be used not only for motorbikes, but also for scooters.