Impact weight removal pliers - Schlaggewichte

Product information "Impact weight removal pliers - Schlaggewichte"
With our universal weight tongues you can easily mount or dismount balancing weights on steel and aluminium rims. At the same time, a plastic cap is attached to these tongues, which protects the coating of the balancing weights.

Our tyre fitting tools make it easier to fit and remove balancing weights and tyre valves for tyre changes. They ensure, among other things, that the tyre and rim can be separated manually without auxiliary power, that you can properly hammer in weights on motorcycle spoked wheels or that you can easily mount and dismount spoke weights.

In addition to our tools for tyre changes, there are several other products that are indispensable for a high-quality wheel change. These include, for example, adhesive weights / impact weights, tyre irons, tyre valves / rim valves and TPMS sensors. You will find all products from this area in the usual high quality in our range of products.
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"Impact weight removal pliers - Schlaggewichte"
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Weight unit: G
Manufacturer article number: 35-40-240HENI 30 7251539110101BLU
Customs tariff number: 82032000