Lever plug nipple - 7 mm, 12V1

Product information "Lever plug nipple - 7 mm, 12V1"
EM thumb-lock air chuck made of nickel-plated brass for easy inflation of earthmoving machinery tyres (12V1) at 90° to the hose. By flipping the eccentric lever, the seal is pressed firmly onto the valve and thus ensures an optimal hold of the plug. The ""open end” plug function is constantly open even after removal from the tyre valve, so that air can flow out. The open mechanism is required for use with application equipment (e.g. tire tyre fillers with pressure gauge) so that the pressure gauge can also return to its normal unpressurised state after application. Thumb-lock air chucks are ideal for replacing the seal.
Connection diameter: 7 mm
Inner diameter hose: 6 mm
Vehicle typeconstruction vehicle
Technical Information
"Lever plug nipple - 7 mm, 12V1"
Box Packaging Quantity: 1
EAN: 4049256140272
Weight unit: G
Manufacturer article number: 142700
Brand: Alligator
Customs tariff number: 74198090