Roll holder - Speed-Cut

Product information "Roll holder - Speed-Cut"
Roll holder for all HOFMANN POWER WEIGHT adhesive weight rolls with integrated weight scale and innovative cutting device for fast and safe working. The adhesive weights roll holder can be multifunctionally mounted on the balancing machine or on the wall. The matching floor stand allows flexible positioning of the balancing weight roll holder. Floor stands and castors are also available separately from us. What is the Speedcut?

Speedcut is a workshop-optimised system for storing and cutting adhesive weight rolls. The new multifunctional adhesive weight rolls from Hofmann Power Weight guarantee simplified storage, because with one adhesive weight roll you always have the right weight. Additionally, the rolls are equipped with Speedliner adhesive tape. Hofmann Power Weight engineers have developed the Speedcut, a roll holder for professionals, for professional use in the workshop. Adhesive weights rolls and Speedcut are perfectly matched to each other and thus offer the best working results. The adhesive weights rolls type 355, 356 and 357 fit into the Speedcut-System.

Intelligent technology:

The cardboard box of the adhesive weights rolls is equipped with an ""anti-roll-back"" function, which prevents the end of the roll from sliding back into the box. The balancing weight roll in a cardboard box can be used immediately and has a trade-optimised packaging size as well as environmentally friendly packaging without plastic.

The Speedliner technology enables the adhesive weight to be removed from the rim without leaving any residue. In addition, the liner can be easily removed and the balancing weights have a higher initial adhesive strength.
Technical Information
"Roll holder - Speed-Cut"
Box Packaging Quantity: 1
EAN: 4049256098733
Weight unit: G
Unit to packaging type quantity: Piece
Brand: Hofmann Power Weight
Customs tariff number: 84798997