Spoke weight - Typ 717, 10 g, zinc

Product information "Spoke weight - Typ 717, 10 g, zinc"
Bore diameter balancing weights Hofmann Power Weights: 6.8 mm, for spoke nipples ø 7,0mm and ø 7.2 mm according to DIN 74 371. Made in Germany Why should you balance tyres at all?

At a speed of 100 km/h the centrifugal force of a 10 g unbalance acts like the force of a sledge hammer. This makes wheels without balancing weights a danger: Without spoke weights on steel and aluminium rims, wheel suspensions and bearings are subjected to more stress. Missing balancing weights on steel and aluminium rims can also lead to noticeable vibrations at the steering wheel and in the interior. In addition, the absence of spoke weights results in increased brake and tyre wear.

Assembly of spoke weights:

Depending on the spoke nipple diameter, Hofmann Power Weight balancing weights are used. The fixing of the spoke weights takes place in the middle of the rim on the spoke nipple.

Spoke weights for spoke wheels are hammered onto the spoke nipple with the Hofmann Power Weight hammering tool 385/1. This is the only way to avoid assembly errors. This tool is used to transmit the force required for safe and precise clamping of the balancing weight. Assembly with other tools or the use of spoke weights that are only compressed with tongues can cause the weights to come loose during operation.

Afterwards, simply check that the spoke weight is firmly seated on the spoke nipple!
Technical Information
"Spoke weight - Typ 717, 10 g, zinc"
Balance weight grammage gr: 10
Box Packaging Quantity: 1
Spoke diameter mm: 7.2
EAN: 4049256073211
Weight unit: G
Unit to packaging type quantity: Piece
Brand: Hofmann Power Weight
Type balance weight: Spoke weight
Customs tariff number: 87141030