TPMS tool kit - 13 parts

Product information "TPMS tool kit - 13 parts"
Why TPMS Service Kits?

Whenever a tyre is changed, the appropriate parts kit should be used to replace the wearing parts (nut, sealing ring, valve core or valve cap). Possible consequences of TPMS tool malfunctions may include Loss of pressure in the tyre, flat tyre, damage to the complete sensor or even loss of vehicle control.

Why RDKS Service Kits from Hofmann?

Hofmann Power Weight is the only supplier to offer 100% coverage of all new European vehicles from 2014. With RDKS sensors in OE quality the best work results are achieved. In addition, quality seals guarantee maximum resistance even under extreme conditions. The individual metal components are also treated with the latest corrosion protection technology.

Mounting tips TPMS tool:

Before installation, check whether the vehicle is already equipped with a direct tyre pressure monitoring system.

During the disassembly of the RDKS sensor, no pressure must be applied to the tyre pressure sensor.

If the sensor can still be used, the appropriate TPMS Service Kit must be determined.

For mounting the tyre pressure monitoring system kit, please use nickel-plated valve cores and valve caps with sealing ring.

If you screw the new valve to the RDKS sensor, the correct torque must be observed.
Degree of assemblyassembled
Drive size in inches1/4 Inch
Technical Information
"TPMS tool kit - 13 parts"
Box Packaging Quantity: 1
EAN: 4049256105639
Weight unit: G
Manufacturer article number: 7443/13 RDKS/TPMS HOFMANN
Customs tariff number: 82054000