A brand with history - from the world-famous Steiff teddy bear to industrial mass production of valves:


100 years of ALLIGATOR - innovations and technologies characterize this period.

Our practice-oriented way of thinking is based on the needs of our customers. With ALLIGATOR's extensive product range in the valve and sensor sector, we offer solutions for all application areas - so that we can meet the individual requirements of our customers.


  • Only one sensor for all vehicle models
  • Just-in-time programming for vehicle-specific spare parts
  • Program – Teach – Drive
  • Top coverage: Vehicle coverage of 98 %
  • Short coverage times: Standardized assembly without waiting for the right spare part
  • High functionality: OE quality from ALLIGATOR
  • Less costs: No software or update costs plus savings on storage and logistics costs


  • Check and adjust air pressure without unscrewing the valve cap
  • Two high-temperature seals prevent pressure loss even if the valve insert is damaged or dirty
  • Completely sealed face protects against water and dirt
  • Saves time and money
  • Prevents dirty fingers
  • Insensitive to dirt and water
  • Does not get lost
  • Provides increased safety


  • Advanced dual-seal design allows universal application
  • Prevents gradual air leakage
  • High-pressure resistance thanks to two-stage cone seal
  • Universal application
  • Can also withstand “racing bike” pressure
  • Inflate tires effortlessly
  • Excellent seal retention
  • High quality, exceptionally long service life


Satisfied customers are always the focus of ALLIGATOR's activities. That is why we place particular emphasis on the highest quality standards in the development of our products.

ALLIGATOR is constantly meeting the growing demands for products in the valve and sensor sector. Our qualitative standards have played a decisive role in both our product range and our services for over 100 years. As early as the product development stage, we place particular emphasis on the highest quality standards and the strictest safety precautions. With the help of ALLIGATOR's quality policy, we meet our customers' requirements for our products and processes.

Satisfied customers are the focus - it is not for nothing that the continuous improvement of all processes and the promotion of personal responsibility among our employees are among the essential elements of our ALLIGATOR quality policy.

ALLIGATOR delivers over 200 million safety parts to our customers every year. Functioning quality management is just as much a prerequisite for this as long-term cooperation and partnership with our customers and suppliers. Valves and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are safety parts. For this reason, both dimensions and functions are checked fully automatically during production and assembly.



In 1931 , the "Erste Hanauer Präzisions-Schrauben- und Walzendreherei" is founded in Hanau. An idea that had already existed for some time, the production of tire valves, is put into practice. This lays the foundation for the production of tire valves.

In 1939 the company decides to move its headquarters to Mühlheim.

In 1956, the first snap-in valves are developed and produced in the EHA valve factory. Technicians and rubber specialists at EHA develop a rubberizing process that is unique at the time. The brass parts are rubberised without using a primer. The rubber compound used and the newly developed galvanic (chemical) pre-treatment process provide excellent conditions for achieving a good rubber-metal bond.

1975: The export share of the EHA valve factory is 70% in 60 countries.

1998: Takeover of EHA Ventilfabrik W. Fritz GmbH & Co. KG by ALLIGATOR.

2003: Merger of EHA Ventilfabrik with ALLIGATOR Ventilfabrik GmbH.



In addition to the classic valves for carstrucks and motorcycles, ALLIGATOR product range also includes special valves for tractors or earth-moving machines. An ongoing exchange of ideas and experience between ALLIGATOR and its customers has created a partnership based on trust and innovation.

TPMS valves for all vehicles from cars to trucks

As the leading manufacturer of valves, ALLIGATOR always sets out to meet the ever-increasing demands on tire valves with high levels of quality and safety. The tire pressure monitoring system that is built into ALLIGATOR TPMS valves: through tire pressure monitoring and the direct indication of any pressure loss, they ensure driver’s safety. If the tire pressure is incorrect, which often stays undetected without a tire pressure monitoring system, the braking distance is increased and the cornering ability is impaired.

Advice on choosing and installing tire valves:

Finding the right tire valve for the car, truck or motorcycle and installing it correctly requires a great deal of expertise and should only be carried out by trained personnel.

ALLIGATOR tire valve sensors

The rubber and metal tire valves in the ALLIGATOR product range offer the optimal solution for every requirement. The tire pressure valve sensors incorporated in the TPMS valves ensure that every tire is optimally protected against loss of pressure.

The rubber valves for cars made by ALLIGATOR fit perfectly into the rim. The snap-in valves comply with OEM requirements, which are considerably more stringent than the ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation) standard. They are suitable for all steel and aluminum rims and should only be used at speeds of up to 210 km/h.

One advantage of the rubber valves is that the elastic valve stem allows individual adjustment and makes it easier to measure the tire pressure.

As rubber valves are subject to a natural aging process, it is important to change them at every tire change. To assist with this, all ALLIGATOR valves are marked with the year of manufacture.

The metal valves - also called clamp-in valves – offer a higher level of stability and tightness, which is a particular advantage when tire pressures are high. They can be used at speeds of above210 km/h. They handle the centrifugal force better and therefore do not bend out of shape. This makes them the ideal solution for heavy-duty wheels on fast cars or transporters. The extremely high quality of the ALLIGATOR valves ensures that tires are sufficiently safe.

In addition to universal metal valves, ALLIGATOR also offers metal valves with ASC seals. The seal concept used in the ASC-HT metal valves ensures that the tightening forces are introduced directly into the metal of the rim. This allows the seal to do its job without being affected by external forces.

CVV Easy : combines the benefits of rubber and metal valves
The design of the CVV Easy tire valve combines the pressure load capacity of a metal valve with the easy installation of a snap-in rubber valve. The pressure disc holds the valve securely in the wheel, even under high operating pressures. Also suitable for transporters and motorhomes.


ALLIGATOR has the right valve for practically every vehicle model. By using the appropriate accessories, car -, truck - and motorcycle valves can be fitted just as easily and safely as sensors.

In addition to a large selection of standard valves, the ALLIGATOR valve range also includes TPMS valves and a variety of special solutions. Whether you need valves for a bicycle or motorcycle, for a car or truck, for a tractor or earth-mover, ALLIGATOR has the right valve for every need.

The valves have to withstand heavy loads during their service life and are subject to many different external influences. This can cause a loss of pressure and therefore be a safety risk. That is why valves should be replaced at each tire change.


ALLIGATOR rubber and metal car valves offer the optimal solution for every requirement.


The high-quality rubber valves for cars by ALLIGATOR fit perfectly into the rim. Their advantage is that the elastic valve stem allows the tire valve to be adjusted to suit the particular angle when checking the air pressure – this makes the work in the workshop easier. ALLIGATOR snap-in rubber valves also meet the highest standards – they have been tested and manufactured in accordance with OEM requirements for car valves. These are significantly more stringent than ETRTO and DIN standards. Since valves should also be replaced when changing tires or wheels, ALLIGATOR car valves are also marked with the year of manufacture. Because of the natural aging process of rubber valves, you can therefore be sure that the car valves are suitable for use and meet your requirements when changing your wheels. It is also possible for tire valves to be individually marked. Snap-in valves can be used on a wide range of vehicle types and they are also suitable for all steel and aluminum rims at speeds of up to 210 km/h. For speeds above 210 km/h, we recommend using either metal valves (clamp-in) or valve supports to limit the valve deflection to a maximum angle of 25° when travelling at such high speeds.


ALLIGATOR car valves made out of metal are manufactured based on OEM requirements and are therefore the perfect choice when only the highest quality is needed. These metal valves are optimised for heavy duty wheels of fast cars and transporters that travel at speeds over 210 km/h. At high speeds the centrifugal force makes traditional rubber valves bend out of shape: this doesn’t happen to the clamp in metal valves of ALLIGATOR. The adherence of ALLIGATOR car valves to strict quality standards ensures the safety not only of the tires, but also of the driving. In addition to universal metal valves, ALLIGATOR also offers metal valves with ASC seals. The advanced seal concept used in the ASC-HT metal valves ensures that the tightening forces are introduced directly into the metal of the rim. This allows the seal to do its job without being affected by external forces.


Motorcycle valves are important for anyone who rides a scooter or a motorcycle. Without the correct motorcycle or scooter valve, an accident can happen or your vehicle could get seriously damaged. At ALLIGATOR you can be sure to find the right valve you need for your motorcycle or scooter.

All ALLIGATOR motorcycle valves have a sealed cap and a special valve insert that makes them reliable and safe. Having the correct tire pressure and using the right motorcycle valve is particularly important for ensuring safe driving. Regular checks are therefore essential. The valves should always be replaced when the tires are changed, otherwise damage could be caused to the motorcycle or an accident could occur.

Scooter Valves

ALLIGATOR offers many different scooter valves. ALLIGATOR snap-in valves are ideal for speeds of up to 210 km/h and can be used as car valves, motorcycle valves and scooter valves. ALLIGATOR also sells angle valves for motorcycles that are particularly good for unlimited speeds. Our range includes an extensive selection of curved rim valves, such as 90° rubber scooter valves, snap-in valves and aluminum angle valves. At ALLIGATOR, you will find all kinds of products relating to scooter valves so you can be sure that you are fitting high-quality products.

Motorcycle Valves

It is recommended that every time you change your tires, you also change the motorcycle valve to avoid heavy wear and major damage. When you race at high speed on the highway, the right valve and the right air pressure is vital, so you should also regularly test the air pressure and replace the valve. To help you ride safely, we also have the right motorcycle valve for you, such as the 90° rubber roller valve, snap-in valves and aluminum angle valves. The ALLIGATOR product line can certainly help you elsewhere. ALLIGATOR products range from the very small to the very large. In addition to motorcycle valves, we also carry a large selection of car and truck valves as well as tire valve accessories.


At ALLIGATOR, the quality of our products is extremely important to us. As the leading manufacturer in the valve sector, we have made it our business not only to meet our customers' requirements but also to inspire them: together we meet the daily growing challenges with constantly new solutions and ideas.

Over the decades, ALLIGATOR has developed into a powerful brand for sensors, valves and accessories. The product range covers car valves, truck valves and motorcycle valves for virtually every kind of vehicle. The ALLIGATOR product portfolio also has everything you could wish for when it comes to sensors and electronics.


Truck valves have to withstand heavy loads during their service life and are subject to many external influences. Any resulting loss of tire pressure presents a significant safety risk for all road users. A drop in pressure will result in longer braking distances and it is also not uncommon for control loss of the vehicle. Our truck valves are finished with a nickel coating to protect the surface from wear, corrosion and external damage.

ALLIGATOR truck valves for commercial vehicles are nickel-plated to protect them against corrosion. When combined with the V2B double seal valve cap, these truck valves are the optimal solution for haulage contractors, bus companies and transport associations.


Light trucks and mobile homes are subjected to enormous stress in daily use. The tire valves must withstand high tire inflation pressures, average speeds and temperatures while sealing reliably.

ALLIGATOR offers the right valves, especially for these highly stressed wheels. CVVEASY, for example, combines the pressure load capacity of a metal valve with the ease of installation of a snap-in rubber valve. The thrust washer thus holds the valve securely in the wheel even under high pressure loads.

CVVEasy: combines the benefits of rubber and metal valves

The patented design of the CVVEasy tire valve combines the pressure load capacity of a metal valve with the easy installation of a snap-in rubber valve. The optimized seal contour and highly flexible sealing lip on the car valve ensure optimal tightness in the rim. The pressure disc holds the tire valve securely in the wheel, even under high operating pressures.

To remove the car valve, simply cut through and remove the pressure disc at the predefined breaking point using pliers or a screwdriver. The car valve can then be pulled out of the valve hole quite easily without needing any special tools. As well as saving time, this design also virtually eliminates the risk of damaging the rim with removal tools.

These valves are suitable mainly for transporters and motorhomes which are exposed to considerable loads during daily use.


ALLIGATOR's product range includes air and water valves especially for the agricultural sector. For safe and reliable filling of tractor tires with water.

The wide passage allows the large tires to be filled with water in a short time, after removing the valve insert, to improve the tractive power of the tractor. Despite filling with water, the usual air filling of the tires cannot be dispensed with. The tractor tires can be filled with water and emptied completely using the appropriate water-filling fittings.


ALLIGATOR offers air and water valves for agricultural use for filling tractor tires with water reliably and safely. Once the valve insert has been removed, the wide aperture enables large tires to be filled with water quickly to improve the traction of the tractor. Of course, filling the tires with water does not mean that they don't need to be filled with air as standard. When filling with water and emptying the tractor tires completely, appropriate water-filling fittings are used. In our product range we have a comprehensive selection of straight and curved rim valves, snap-in valves, tractor valves, tube valves and tube valves with a rubber base. At ALLIGATOR, you will find all the high-quality products you need for your tractor wheels.


Valves for construction machines or earthmovers are used for earthmoving machines, heavy-duty trucks, high-capacity tippers, dumpers, loading, conveying and levelling equipment and cranes.

Oversized and large-volume tires are mainly equipped with so-called earth mover valves (large bore valves). These valves have particularly wide bore cross-sections that allow the required amounts of air to flow through quickly. The most common valve configuration for oversized tires is the combination of an EM rim base with the corresponding EM upper. The matching EM top can be easily and quickly fitted into the EM rim base.


Rigid valve extensions are always used if the wheel conditions permit a straight extension of the valve. The valve insert must not be removed from the EM valve. Rigid EM valve extensions are fitted with an extension insert which has no sealed function, but merely opens the insert located in the valve during tire inflation or pressure testing.


Flexible valve extensions are mounted when the straight extension of the valve mouth by a rigid valve extension is not possible. These valve inserts are provided with sealed original EM valve extensions TR C 2 (in contrast to rigid EM valve extensions with extension inserts without sealing effect). Nevertheless, the valve insert of the valve should not be removed so that the tire pressure does not escape when the extension is detached from the tire valve. The valve connection fitting of the extension is designed so that the EM valve insert TR 2 is open when the extension is permanently screwed on.


The ALLIGATOR product range covers all requirements in the field of TPMS. From sensors to the appropriate programming device, everything is provided. Our sens.it® product line offers the right solution for every area of application: whether workshop operator or complete wheel manufacturer.


With the freely programmable universal sensors from ALLIGATOR sens.it® RS, your workshop is equipped for every situation: The universal sensors are not pre-programmed, so they can be individually adapted to the respective vehicle model. This reduces the variety of sensors required, which a workshop must have in stock, and simplifies the work process. Although vehicle-specific programming does take some time, universal sensors can be updated again and again and therefore do not become obsolete.

All the advantages of the
ALLIGATOR sens.it® RS universal sensors at a glance:

  • Very high vehicle coverage
  • Correspond to OE sensors in quality and functionality
  • Perfect sensor fit due to flexible adjustment
  • Number of stored parts and associated costs can be reduced
  • Risk of installing the wrong sensor is reduced
  • Fast and easy workflow
  • Loss of sales due to non-stocked built-in parts is avoided
  • Sensors can be programmed both before and after mounting the tires


Basically, two variants are available for the programming of sens.it® sensors:

programming device PT1
programming device PT4
(phased out model)

The ALLIGATOR Programming Tool PT1 has been specially developed to program sens.it® sensors exclusively. It is not possible to read out already programmed sensors. The device is therefore an ideal and cost-effective addition to wireless TPMS handheld devices.

The ALLIGATOR PT3 and PT4 is an ideal supplement to the ALLIGATOR programming device PT1. It supports the work flow in the workshop, for example, by being able to check the function, sensor ID, tire pressure and temperature of all TPMS sensors installed in the vehicle when the vehicle is accepted.

In our download area you will find the appropriate software for your programming device and the always up-to-date sens.it® ONE and sens.it® RS cover lists.

In the download area you will find the appropriate software for your programming device and the current cover lists sens.it® ONE and sens.it® RS.


The tire pressure monitoring service kits from ALLIGATOR contain all the components required for professional servicing of tires and rims with a tire pressure monitoring system. The service kits are assigned to the specific vehicle on the basis of the characteristics "Manufacturer", "Model" and "Year".

With every tire change, all relevant components of a TPMS valve should be replaced as a matter of principle, because

  • Valve sealing cap
  • Valve insert
  • Union nut
  • rubber seal

are subject to particular aging and corrosion influences. For this very reason, the replacement of these components during tire service is urgently recommended.


With the TPMS tool from ALLIGATOR, sensors and valves can be professionally attached to any rim.

The one-handed operation of most tools enables quick and easy assembly without wasting time. Thanks to sophisticated technology, bit changes are also lightning fast.

In addition to individual tools, such as torque wrenches, you will find fully equipped tool bags and cases for the installation of TPMS. These are suitable for sens.it RS and sens.it ONE as well as all common TPMS.

The ALLIGATOR sens.it starter kits  offer an easy and inexpensive introduction to TPMS service. You will find everything you need in one box.


The ALLIGATOR inflation equipment for tires of passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and tractors is characterized by the proven ALLIGATOR quality. The range includes a wide selection of products with which you can quickly and easily inflate tires, measure and check tire pressure.

The clear advantage of our ALLIGATOR tire inflators: You do not need any outside help for the work involved with tire pressure on the vehicle. The matching filling station plugs, lever nipples, valve nipples and torque nipples perfectly complement our product range for tire inflation.


With ALLIGATOR tire inflators, you can easily check your tire pressure yourself and improve it if necessary. The optimum tire pressure is essential for the trouble-free operation of a tire. It ensures that the tires do not wear out too quickly and contributes to safety throughout the entire journey.

Tire inflator DIGITAL OE

Precise and reliable tire inflator of the ALLIGATOR brand. With the ALLIGATOR tire inflator, the tire pressure can be optimally measured itself and corrected if necessary. It is calibrated to OE tire inflator and convinces with its digital display.


The tire inflator for experts- Precise. Practical. High quality.

Impressive value: High-quality materials such as the shock-resistant casing of the manometer and the robust aluminum handle ensure the longevity of the device.





The tire filler for professionals - Simple. Reliable. Multifunctional.

Convincing in every case: The valve adapter for all common plug variants and a measuring range of up to 16 bar makes the GATOR INFLATOR MID very versatile. The interchangeable hose lengths also make it possible to reach valves that are difficult to access.





When it comes to tire inflating equipment, high-quality thumb-lock air chucks are the small but important parts that cannot be missing for your own workshop.

That is why we at ALLIGATOR place particular emphasis on ensuring that our product range offers all the products needed for simple and fast tire inflation. Our thumb-lock air chucks perfectly complement the product range around tire inflators, clip-on air chucks, clip-on ball foot air chucks and gas station holders.


For easy and quick inflation of car tires.

The clip-on air chuck with spring-loaded lever from Alligator helps you to connect your tire inflator to your tire valve quickly and easily. This guarantees optimal tire inflation and trouble-free operation.


Discover our range of clip-on air chucks for optimal tire inflation

At Alligator you will find clip-on air chuck for easy connection of the tire inflator to the tire valve. Thanks to our tire inflation accessories, you can optimize your tire pressure quickly and without outside help.


There is one thing that must not be missing from tire inflators: a high-quality service station air chuck.

If you already own a tire inflator but are currently still looking for suitable service station air chuck, then simply browse through our selection of different models.

In addition to tire inflators, thumb-lock air chucks, clip-on air chucks and clip-on air chucks, our ALLIGATOR product range in the area of inflating equipment is guaranteed to offer the right service station air chuck for you.


We always have our customers needs in mind. To ensure professional, quick and easy installation or repair of valves and TPMS solutions, the ALLIGATOR product range also offers the right tools and accessories.


The ALLIGATOR product range also offers a wide variety of valve caps. From plastic caps to check valve caps - we have what you need.

In addition to metal valve caps and colorful plastic caps (with and without seals), ALLIGATOR has many other variants of valve caps in its range - specially tailored to your needs.

DS-P valve caps

With the DS-P valve caps from ALLIGATOR, checking and filling the air pressure of tires is made easy, because unscrewing the valve cap is not necessary. This saves you time and money! The built-in check valve with two high-temperature seals prevents air from escaping from the tire, even if the valve insert is damaged or dirty. The face is completely sealed and therefore insensitive to dirt and water.

Suitable for rubber, metal and aluminum valves of car, van and bicycle wheels. Not for motorcycles with valves in a centrifugal direction!

DS-P valve caps on CVVEasy

The CVVEasy is the optimal alternative to screw valves, which are difficult to mount in the appropriate length, because the valve hole offers insufficient bearing surface or unfavorable geometries on the wheel making the use of mounting tools impossible. In combination with the valve cap DS-P, the CVV31 reaches an overall length of 47 millimeters. This allows simple air pressure control and adjustment without unscrewing the valve cap and is ideal for vans and motor homes.

Check valve caps V2B

With up to 18 wheels per vehicle, valves that are difficult to access and heavy dirt, checking the air pressure of commercial vehicles is not at all easy. The ALLIGATOR V2B check valve cap provides a remedy. It does not need to be removed for filling or checking the air pressure.

Save time...

According to information from the tire manufacturer Bridgestone, a study in the USA showed that the average time required for checking tire pressure on a vehicle combination can be reduced from approx. 20 minutes to 6-7 minutes by using ALLIGATOR check valve caps V2B. The additional costs of the valve cap are therefore amortized after only two pressure checks.

-> 13 minutes time saving at least 1x a month

... and money with the check valve cap V2B

An underinflation of 1 bar increases fuel consumption by about 1.2% - and 30% underinflation halves the life of the tire. A good valve cap can prevent creeping air loss and thus helps to save money!


Every tire valve has a valve insert - also called a valve inserts. Valve inserts protect against dirt, wetness and gradual pressure loss and are therefore of great importance for the tightness of a valve. As a wearing part, the valve insert must be checked and replaced at regular intervals. ALLIGATOR offers replacement valve inserts for every application - and at the highest quality!

Whether long or short, for car or truck - at ALLIGATOR you will find the right spare part! All of our valve inserts are characterized by particularly high tightness. In addition, the products impress with their easy handling and good workmanship.

Which valve insert, short or long, is the right one for your application depends on the rim design and the valve type. Under no circumstances should the valve protrude beyond the rim flange.

Many of our valve inserts are nickel-plated. Nickel-plated valve inserts are of higher quality and provide even better protection against corrosion. To prevent contact corrosion, a nickel-plated valve insert is therefore used with many ALLIGATOR valves.


ALLIGATOR valve extensions allow you to easily reach any valve. Different materials and lengths make your work easier when checking and correcting the air pressure.

In general, the following points must be observed when installing valve extensions:

  • Do not kink valve extensions
  • Valve extensions must not rest on the rim hole
  • Do not use valve extensions with rubber valves

Flexible valve extensions

ALLIGATOR's flexible valve extensions are made of rubber and have a very high resistance to breakage. However, it should be noted that the valve extensions are under pressure: If the extension tears off, the tire loses its air.

ALLIGATOR offers two types of rubber valve extensions. The highly flexible extensions, consisting of rubber with fabric, achieve a flexibility of 100%. On the other hand, the pressure resistance (bursting pressure) is only 70 bar. Rubber valve extensions with steel sheathing are not quite as flexible (flexibility 95%), but have a pressure resistance of 120 bar.

For proper installation of rubber valve extensions, use fixed clamps.

Pressure range: up to 20 bar

Rigid valve extensions

With the stiff ALLIGATOR valve extensions, a distinction is made between plastic and brass extensions. Both materials are rigid and have only a low resistance to breakage due to their lack of flexibility. On the other hand, the rigid version is pressureless: if the valve extension breaks off, this does not result in a flat tire. In addition, the plastic and brass valve extensions can be used without a retainer and achieve a pressure resistance of 150 bar.

Pressure range: pressureless


The ALLIGATOR valve range is complemented by suitable valve tools. Special and high-quality tools are essential for the professional assembly and disassembly of valves.

Our practical ALLIGATOR valve tools facilitate and speed up the professional assembly and disassembly of valves. From valve pullers to valve wrenches and pocket air pressure testers. ALLIGATOR offers you the ideal support for your daily work.

The ALLIGATOR range of valve tools includes: